Highlights from UX Strategy by Jaime Levy

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Highlights from this book

  • Intrapreneurship is the act of behaving like an entrepreneur while working within a large organization. You need to decide to take the fate of the product into your own hands through assertive risk-taking and innovation.

  • If you are doing best practices, you are not innovating.

    — look up later
  • Two-sided markets are what make the Internet go around.

  • The reality is that people often use products or combinations of products in ways that the product makers do not expect.

  • Simply offering as many features as you can overlooks the holistic UX and business model, and it doesn’t address what features the customers actually want or need to accomplish their primary goal.

  • The big payoff of exposing yourself to new experiences outside of your comfort zone is that they make it possible for us to grow as people. You change when you disrupt habitual patterns, and it affords you new ways of doing, being, and experiencing.

  • Innovation can happen in small, incremental steps. You can innovate around a feature or an interface or in phases, and ultimately it builds up to this really extraordinary, meaningful, hard-to-replicate experience.

  • Listen to those you don’t agree with. Are they making sense? Have you overlooked something? Seek opinions from people with different areas of expertise to gain different perspectives.

  • The lesson is that strategy is iterative just like everything else. You come up with a hypothesis, you create a plan, and you move forward until you learn new information, reposition the hypothesis, and adjust the plan.

  • We need to accept that failure, while an insurmountable barrier to some, might be an essential part of our product’s journey toward success.